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The Worth County Connection

Nic was born in 1981, in a picturesque bedroom town in Worth County, Sylvester, GA, to proud parents Lawrence and Geraldine Rogers.  Rod (as his mom called him) was an only biological child, but was surrounded by cousins who were more like siblings to him. At an early age it was clear that Rod was a visionary, manifestor, and brander.  Any task or goal he put his mind to would be accomplished; never allowing others lack of vision to detour his dreams.

Unlike many Rod appreciated and admired the footsteps of his elders, using their accomplishments as a blueprint for his own goals.  Like his cousins Rod grew up loving fashionable clothes and shoes; traits they all inherited from their Granny, Rowena. In school Rod was known for always taking great pride in his appearance. He especially loved sneakers. Rod always had the newest “kicks” available making him one of the best dressed students in his class.  His love for shoes was so intense that for years Rod would purchase shoes in sizes larger than necessary because he wanted to swap shoes with his older cousin Cory. This went on for years, in Rod’s eyes this was a small price to pay to “rock stylish kicks”. Rod and his cousin would study Eastbay catalogs for weeks admiring shoes and discussing which pair they hoped to acquire next.

In the sixth grade Rod joined the Worth County Middle School band, following in his daddy’s footsteps by playing the trumpet.  He quickly excelled to the concert band winning numerous awards for his musical flare and showmanship. Always seeking his next thrill, Rod took a chance as an eighth grader and auditioned for the Worth County Comprehensive High School Marching Band, which he made.  By the end of his high school career Rod was an accomplished Trumpet, Baritone, and Euphonium player as well section leader for both the Concert Band as well as Marching Band.

After college, Rod returned to Worth County to work. Rod taught fifth grade at Holley Elementary in Sylvester, GA in 2004. In 2005, he accepted a position as a Technology Education Teacher and Basketball Coach at Worth County Middle School in Sylvester, GA.  Coach Rogers classroom flair and student rapport not only made him a favorite teacher, but a favorite among the faculty as well. While the work was rewarding, Rod still had a goal in mind that he was not ready to vacate, moving to Atlanta. In 2006, he accepted a computer technology position in Atlanta, resigned from teaching, and made the big move to the city. However, Worth County was always in his heart.                               - Kimberly Lawson


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