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Why Sneakers & Bowling

Exactly one year ago today, April 9, 2018, I lost my brother and best friend Nic Rogers. Anyone who knows me, knows how close we were. For many years if you saw one of us the other was not far behind. I was honored when his wife asked me to be on the board of a charity founded in his name - Nic's Kicks. One of the goals of Nic's Kicks is to provide athletic shoes to under privileged kids.

I have never told many people why I have a tennis shoe addiction. When I was a kid my parents bought me new shoes at the beginning of the school year and at Christmas (we were not poor, even though my dad convinced us we were). So after awhile my shoes looked terrible after wearing them everyday. I was a "weird" kid with not many friends to begin with and crappy shoes didn't help. Other kids would make fun of me all the time. So I know how it feels first hand to go to school and all the other kids had nice shoes.

I vowed when I could buy my own shoes I would always have fresh kicks. This is one thing Nic and I had in common. We always talked about the latest Air Max, he liked Jordan's I wasn't a fan. So I know he would have wanted to provide kids with shoes.

Nic is also the one who taught me and got me into bowling. Whenever one of us was going through something we would go bowling. We never had to talk about the problem we just rolled and was there for the other one. Bowling was our thing. He lived in Atlanta and called me after every league night to tell me how he rolled. When I bowled in a league and every time I went bowling I called him to tell him how I rolled.

So in honor of Nic this Saturday at Fun Time bowling we are kicking off the charity. Even those who can't attend can still help. All the details are on the flyer below. Give if and what you can. I just want to keep his name and legacy alive. - Leland Hicks


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